Volume 49 Issue 3, June 2022, pp. 306-311

The coronavirus pandemic abruptly halted all in-person clerkships, or clinical rotations, for clinical veterinary students across the United States. Online clerkships in radiology offered the opportunity to expand the student’s ability to interpret medical images but did not allow for the development of physical hands-on imaging skills recognized as core competencies in veterinary medicine. The present report highlights the value of providing veterinary students with a smartphone-associated Butterfly iQ point-of-care ultrasound during a 3-week self-driven virtual clerkship. During the virtual rotation, the student was able to develop the skills required to generate sufficient quality images using three horses residing on her property. The affordability, portability, ease of use of the Butterfly iQ and availability of animals made it possible to develop hands-on imaging skills when distance learning was required.